NELIG Meeting - 5/11/2001

NELIG Meeting, May 11, 2001

NELIG Minutes
May 11, 2001
College of the Holy Cross

I. Welcome and Introductions - Mary MacDonald, University of Rhode Island, opened the meeting welcoming all, and introductions were done by all. There were 35 people in attendance. Announcements were made, including the fact that there is presently a waiting list for the June 1 program. All spaces for that meeting are taken.

II. Presentation by Patty Durisin and Patricia Krajewski, Simmons College
"Experimenting with Instruction First Year Students Meet Librarians"
Simmons College’s first year experience course, called the Multidisciplinary Core Course (MCC), has included a library component since its inception in 1995. Library instruction methods for MCC have been refined over the years and now include more interaction between and participation from the students. This year, librarians met with each section of the MCC once in both the fall and spring semesters, using very different approaches from previous years. During the fall semester, the MCC Library Jeopardy game was played, following a model from Creighton University, Nebraska. During the spring semester, workshops were conducted to teach database searching skills using tools such as concept mapping, Boolean Operators exercise, and keyword vs. subject heading searches.

A lively question and answer session followed the presentation.

III. Elections - A very informal election was held with Anna Litten, Emerson College, being named as Vice-chair, and Julia Whelan, Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, as Secretary.

The next ACRL/NEC Board meeting will be Friday, May 18. Esme DeVault, Wheelock College, will attend as the incoming Chair of NELIG.

IV. General discussion. Topics discussed by several people include:

  • Blackboard and WebCT, especially the "resources" button
  • The dissatisfaction with the information behind the "resources button; can that button be disabled by IT folks?
  • Power Point font
  • Off campus programs distance, really distant, such as Bermuda and Singapore. Mentioned was a listserv called offcam-l. Someone will send the correct address for this listserv to the group.
  • Live reference software anyone using? UmassDartmouth will start using LIVEPERSON, with training during summer term, and implementation in the fall.

V. Breakout groups

Web - Kendall (webmaster) was absent, but sent word that group should work on anything relevant. Request was made for webliographies on any topics of interest to group.

Assessment - Esme passed out 4 articles, and some discussion ensued about relevant issues pertaining to assessment. The August 10 (tentative date) meeting will have some information from the Assessment group about what they wish to do. Suggestions included visitations by and from one another with true critiquing of style, etc. ACRL Best Practices Information Literacy handouts could be among the tools used to evaluate one another.

Programming - Anna reports that nearly all set for June 1 program; registration is full, and there is waiting list.

VI. Reassemble and wrap-up

Each breakout section was summarized and a tentative date set for the next meeting, at a place to be determined August 10, 2001

Adjournment at 115 pm


Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Steinberg, Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (substituting for Julia Whelan)


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