NELIG Meeting - 5/03/2002

Meeting Minutes of May 3, 2002
Assumption College, Worcester, MA

Welcome and Introductions were done by Esme DeVault, Chair of NELIG. Esme DeVault introduced the officers of NELIG: 
Anna Litten, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect -- Emerson College
Kendall Hobbs- Web Master -- Wesleyan University                                
Chris Cox -- Listserv Moderator -- Worcester Poly Tech
Beth Lindsay -- UMass -Dartmouth -- Co-Chair, Program
Patty Durisin -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- Co-Chair, Program

There were 29 attendees representing the following institutions: Wheelock College, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Assumption College, University of Connecticut (Waterford and Stamford), University of Rhode Island, Trinity College, Boston University, Keene State College, Clark University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Newbury College, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bentley College, Roger Williams University, Salem State College, Connecticut College, University of New Hampshire-Manchester, Framingham State College, Emerson College, and Lasell College.

Brief Announcements

NELIG Listserv experiencing virus problems- the Listserv will be moderated indefinitely. There are currently 180 members of the NELIG List. NELIG elections The NELIG election 2002 will be held via the following web page The ballot will be available from May 7 through May 21st. Candidates for the election are as follows: 

Chris Cox -- WPI
Kendall Hobbs -- Wesleyan
Kathy Labadorf -- UConn
Beth Lindsay -- UMass - Dartmouth

Norma Gahl -- Newbury College
Kathy Gehring -- Connecticut College
Judy Pinnolis -- Brandeis university

The NELIG web site will migrate soon to the ACRLNEC's new site location. Until then Kendall will host the pages at Wesleyan. He will send a message to the NELIG list indicating the correct URL for the pages. [

Annual Program will be held June 7 at Boston College. Registration will begin on-line on Friday May 10. Please plan to attend and register early as spaces are limited.

Panel Discussion: 

Kendall Hobbs of Wesleyan University presented a talk on the use of "" a software program that attempts to identify and prevent plagiarism in college student's papers. Kendall mentioned that anyone interested in seeing how the program works may visit 

Following Kendall's presentation, Kathy Labadorf and Shelly Roseman of UConn presented the power point session they have been using with undergraduates for explaining plagiarism []. They also invited NELIGers to visit their web site and use (please give credit-) their materials. 

General Discussion of plagiarism issues followed both talks.

After a short "NELIG-sized" break, the Annual Program Group left the main room to discuss the upcoming June 7 program.

Those who remained discussed a variety of instruction issues including: 
- professional development- costs and time management
- how to become a more reflective teacher,
- how to teach students the value of connecting to their research
- methods to use for brief assessment of stuent learning in one-shot instruction sessions.

The meeting adjourned at 1 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary C. MacDonald
Secretary pro tempore
Past-Chair, NELIG


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