NELIG Meeting - 8/15/2002

Meeting minutes of August 15, 2002
Merrimack College, North Andover, MA


Hello NELIGers!

I hope that everyone is excited and ready for the beginning of the academic year.

Before the minutes from the last NELIG meeting, I want to cover some business issues. This year, as in years past, we'll be meeting four times and holding an annual program.

Our first meeting has already past, August 15, 2002

Upcoming dates will be;

  • Nov. 15, 2002
  • Jan 17, 2002
  • May 16, 2002

If there are serious problems with any of these dates, please let me know! Dates are not set in stone, and I'll certainly try to find the dates that are best for most!

Some of the topics that have been suggested for this upcoming year include;

  • Teaching Online Courses
  • Making really Great One-Shot Sessions
  • Five-Years Later (Redesigning Electronic Classrooms now that Everything Broke!)
  • More from Someone Like Tom Mead (How do I make orientation interesting?)
  • Outcomes Assessment in the Library

If anyone loves, hates, or wants completely different topics, again, please let me know! The strength of this group comes from our members, so let your voice be heard.

Now, onto the minutes......

August 15, 2002
Merrimack College
32 attendees

Welcome by Anna Litten (NELIG Chair) and Nancy George (ITIG Co-Chair Elect).

Three panels began the first jointly sponsored NELIG meeting.

All three presentations focused on the why, how and specifics of tutorial design.

After the presentations, we broke for discussion of information literacy issues.

Tips for Teaching: We began the open discussion with an article, "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education."

We discussed the point that good teaching practice should communicate high expectations. This can be tough, when so much of the time, we just hope that students will search in someplace that's not just Google! Carol Gordon talked about a short list of questions that she asked students about research, and then, gave the results to faculty. As always, communicating high expectations to both students and faculty can be tough!

I would like to incorporate a Tips for Teaching article into each of our meetings. If someone would like to volunteer to suggest the next article, that would be great!

Hope to see you all in November!


Anna Litten

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