NELIG Meeting - 1/17/2003

ACRL-New England Chapter
New England Library Instruction Group NELIG
Meeting Minutes of
January 17, 2003
Wesleyan University , Middletown , CT
51 Attendees.

Welcome and introduction by Anna Litten, Chair of NELIG.

Brief Announcements:

The theme of the meeting was Innovative One-Shot Instruction Sessions. There were presentations from four groups.  PowerPoint presentations will be posted to the NELIG website when available.

The first presentation was by Laurel Bliss and Barbara Rockenbach of Yale University (Library Research Methods at the School of Architecture, Yale University).  Their presentation focused on the use of problem based learning in a required library course for the school of architecture.  After a brief overview of the class and what constitutes problem based learning, Laurel and Barbara led the group in a planned, problem based learning exercise involving selecting an architect for the new buildings at the World Trade Center site.  Further information on their class is available at <>.

The second presentation was by Judy Romein of St. Anselm College.  Judy discussed her role in planning and presenting a library orientation program to all incoming freshmen.  By utilizing the entire library staff, they were able to provide orientation to 600 students in a couple of hours by breaking them into small groups and filing them in and out of the library after a 25 minute presentation.  Judy felt her program was successful and has increased the use of the library by the freshmen.  She also discussed their development of a virtual library tour and their use of TILT as a library tutorial.  More information is available at <>.

The third presentation was by Peg Barrett, Judy Hildenbrandt and Lois Merry of Keene State College (Taking the Show on the Road at Keene State College).  Their presentation focused on their efforts to maintain an active instruction program through a library renovation during which they lost use of their classroom and meeting space.  They discussed the challenges in taking their instruction out of the library and into various classrooms on campus.  Issues with technology, the need for hands-on space, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations were covered. Some positive outcomes of the experience include a new scheduling system, a more evenly distributed teaching load, an opportunity to learn new technologies and greater exposure outside of the library.  

The final presentation was from Kari Parker of the Wentworth Institute of Technology who discussed her Internet searching class (PowerPoint and handout).  Kari's class includes advanced Boolean search techniques, differences in search engines and evaluation of web sites. 

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm .  A number of people stayed after the meeting to work on the annual program committee that is chaired this year by Mary Sullivan and Kate Shaw.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Gehring
Secretary, NELIG


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