NELIG Meeting - 5/16/2003

ACRL-New England Chapter
New England Library Instruction Group NELIG
Meeting Minutes of May 16, 2003

WPI, Worcester, MA
21 Attendees.

Welcome and introduction by Anna Litten, Chair of NELIG.

Brief Announcements:

  • The next NELIG event is the Annual Program scheduled for June 6, 2003 at Keene State College.
  • Registration for the Annual Program filled up quickly.  As of this meeting there were only a few slots left open.
  • A number of people reported on conferences they had recently attended including LOEX, ACRL and the Medical Library Association Annual Conference.  Registration for LOEX fills up fast and membership is required in order to be eligible to register.
  • Chris Cox is looking for a volunteer to take on the administration of the NELIG listserv when he becomes Chair in June.  Kendall Hobbs will remain as Webmaster.
  • Anna reported on the status of the elections, currently there are no nominees for the Chair elect position.  There are two people interested in the Secretary position.  Elections will be online again this year.  Anna strongly urged people in attendance to consider the Chair elect position.

The theme of the meeting was Teaching Training/Summer Projects.  There were two presentations.
The first presentation was by Pat Clark and Lorri Huddy of Trinity College on a project they worked on last summer to train peer mentors.  Pat provided some background on staffing at Trinity and the need to involve more trainers in their Freshman Seminar program.  Currently, there are 44 freshman seminars, and each receive three library instruction sessions.  The peer mentors were trained to teach the first session which covered the basics of using the library catalog along with a tour of the library.  The mentors worked off a script prepared by the librarians.  Throughout the summer, the librarians met weekly to work on developing the three sessions.  The three sessions covered:

  1. Catalog/tour (with mentors, outside of class time)
  2. Databases (geared towards subject with an assignment.  Held during class time)
  3. Web evaluation (used net.tutor from Ohio State, 25% of classes participated in this session)

For these sessions, the average class size was 14, they lasted about an hour and attendance was taken.

For this summer, they will be revising the script and some of the content based on Trinity's implementation of a new library system.

The second presentation was by Anna Litten on some of her work at Emerson.  She talked about a retreat that she had done last summer with the teaching staff which focused on developing and maintaining teaching skills.  Anna has been moving the instruction program away from scripted classes and towards more problem based, student centered learning and used the retreat as a way to facilitate buy-in of these concepts by the other librarians on the staff.  This summer she plans to focus more on teaching techniques and providing opportunities for greater reflection on teaching and self assessment.

Following the presentations there was an open discussion by the group.  Topics covered included assessment, the use of research logs, increasing dialog with faculty, orientation, academic expectations, workload and burnout.  After the discussion, members of the program committee stayed to work on final details of the Annual Program.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Gehring
Secretary, NELIG


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