NELIG Meeting - 8/20/2003


Minutes:  ACRL/NELIG Meeting, August 20, 2003 University of Connecticut, Storrs

Attendees:  Chris Cox, Barbara Kinney Bob Scheier, Sharon Giovenale, Ed Rubacha, Fran Libby, Anne Palusk, Norma Gahl, Abby Fincher, Kathy Labadorf, Susan Herzog, Beth Hansen, Ellen Colburn, Mary Adams, Sandra Rothenberg

Kathy Labadorf from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, welcomes the group and says there will be a library tour later. Chris Cox welcomes and asks for approval of the minutes from the 5/16/03 meeting.  Minutes are approved. 

Brief Announcements:  

  • NELIG is still looking for someone to take over the listserv. 
  • Chris reports on evaluation sheets from the annual meeting in June.  He said that people thought that the meeting did not match up with the conference title, and that the talks did not mesh with the theme.  Other people said that they felt the meeting was geared to smaller colleges, and that we need to keep in mind that there are large university members. 
  • Chris would like the call for proposals for our next annual conference in June to go out in December to give a lot of time beforehand. 
  • Surveys were handed out about what we want to see at meetings.  Was the meeting in Connecticut too far for people from Boston?  He is concerned about the group not fading out, and encouraging attendance at meetings. 

The next part of the meeting was spent brainstorming programming ideas for themes and topics of the next conference.  Chris sent out these ideas in a formal list to the listserv on September 25, 2003. 

Open discussion on various topics followed:

It was mentioned by Barbara Kinney that the ACRL New England Conference Planning Committee was working on the conference set for April 23, 2004.  It will be at Bryant College in Rhode Island.  Possible topics include cost recovery for printing and marketing library services.  She went on to speak about the Immersion program she attended.  Immersion is four days on teaching and pedagogy for librarians, which really helps to put library instruction into perspective.  Chris went on to speak about his library orientation program, where students put on skit about the library.   Other orientation students did a library hangman game.  Barbara said it was really difficult to fit everything she wants to teach about the library into a one-hour class.  She also believes that assessment is important and that we need faculty support for this.  Her ideal is to have active learning for one half hour of the class.  Chris brought up the question of if students are using the online tutorials we put on the Web.  He says he has no idea, but he prefers person-to-person contact. 

It was agreed that the next NELIG meeting would be November 21, 2003 at a place to be determined.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:30pm, and a tour of the library at The University of Connecticut, Storrs was given.         

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Rothenberg
Secretary, NELIG

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