NELIG Meeting - 11/19/2004


Association of College and Research Libraries
New England Chapter 

New England Library Instruction Interest Group
November 19, 2004
Rennselaer At  Hartford
Hartford, CT

The meeting commenced at 10:07 when Barbara Kenney, Chair of NELIG welcomed 40 enthusiastic librarians to the joint meeting of NELIG and ITIG. The Chair thanked our host, Cecelia Dalzell of Rensselaer for her efforts to arrange the meeting space and refreshments.

Barbara introduced Melissa Behney, Chair of ITIG (Instructional Technology Interest Group). Melissa also welcomed the group and thanked Barbara for inviting the speakers and organizing the meeting. Melissa invited the group to join ITIG and directed people to view their website for a list of future ITIG events.

Announcements from the NELIG Chair:

The ACRL/NEC Spring Conference is being planned by ACRL/NEC President Elect Nancy George. The conference will be held May 20 at Rivier College in Nashua, New Hampshire. Two interest groups, ITIG and NELIG, will each contribute a breakout session at the conference. NELIG may be contributing a session by Mark Caprio of Boston College titled “Teaching the Information Commons”.

Colleen Anderson, President of ACRL/NEC has announced plans to organize a dessert reception for the Saturday evening of ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Boston. She anticipates approximately 100 people will attend. Colleen is asking each interest group to send a representative or representatives to the event to act as hosts for ACRL/NEC.

The NELIG annual program will be held in June at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.  There will be a conference planning meeting following today’s presentation and discussion. Please stay and join the group if you are interested in helping.


“Teaching: Immersion Style”
Presented by Kari Mofford of Wentworth Institute of Technology and
Heidi McCann of Mt. Wachussett Community College.

Both Kari and Heidi attended ACRL’s Immersion program in 2002. The two presenters provided an overview of the Immersion program and of the specific day during Immersion that they spent exploring and practicing pedagogical skill development. Each participant was required to read a book by Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach. Following is a list of the focus areas covered by the Immersion instructors: presentation techniques, learning styles and assessment. Initially, each participant had to present a 10 minute “lesson” and then be prepared to redo, review, revamp the lesson plan and presentation following the day’s Immersion lessons The day included follow-up homework that was assigned to participants to be done via WebCT.

By Kendall Hobbs and Rob DeMeulemeester.
of Wesleyan University

LOLA, Learning Objects/Learning Activities is an exchange for facilitating the sharing of high-quality learning objects. It contains materials for use across the curriculum, with a particular focus on modules for Information Literacy.

LOLA is free and may be accessed, used and contributed to by members of the higher education community. It is a project that is meant to be shared! Several examples of LOLA products were presented from the LOLA web site. Kendall and Rob briefly discussed issues concerning ongoing logistics and future plans for the LOLA project.

Following the presentations and a brief break the NELIG Annual Program Planning Group met to brainstorm ideas, themes and plans for the June program to be held in Portland, Maine. It was determined that Laura Robinson of Nichols College and Sandra Rothenberg of Framingham State College would be the planning group co-chairs. A second planning meeting will be held in January 2005. 

Respectfully submitted,
Mary C. MacDonald
NELIG Secretary
2004 -2005


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