NELIG Meeting - 9/15/2006


Association of College and Research Libraries / New England Chapter
New England Library Instruction Group
Salem State College
Salem, MA
September 15, 2006

NELIG co-chair Susan Herzog welcomed 28 attendees to the Fall meeting of NELIG and thanked Nancy George and Nancy Dennis for hosting the event. 

Announcements from the NELIG co-chairs:

Susan Herzog announced that the next meeting, on December 8, will be a virtual meeting using remote sites throughout New England.  Attendees will have the opportunity to try out Elluminate, which is virtual meeting software.  Everyone at the meeting was invited to stay after the presentation to participate in the planning meeting for the 2007 annual meeting to be held at Assumption College. 

“Teaching Information Technologies to Faculty at Salem State College Library”


Nancy George and Nancy Dennis have taught online searching skills to faculty through a number of campus-wide initiatives since 2004.  Nancy George presented her experiences as a member of the steering committee for the Faculty Laptop Bootcamp initiative.  The bootcamp, which is offered for faculty using laptops for the first time, demonstrates library resources for teaching and research.  The four-day session includes an overview of research services, instructional services, subject-appropriate databases with descriptions, and free scholarly web sites.  Nancy Dennis described her participation with Salem State College librarians through grant-funded information literacy initiatives, through the Council in Teaching and Learning Projects, and through the Bureau of Faculty Research.  These programs are campus-wide initiatives structured to include a library component by partnering librarians with faculty for specific courses as well as by conducting workshops for faculty on finding scholarly information on the Internet.  These initiatives have been enhanced by campus technology, established relationships with faculty, and a proactive library dean.  A bibliography of items contained in the folder of information handed out to faculty during Bootcamp was requested.

The presentation included a PowerPoint and a handout of an example schedule of one of their events.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Klare
NELIG Secretary 2006/2007


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