NELIG Meeting - 4/27/2009


Joint ITIG/NELIG quarterly meeting – Focus on Online Education

Monday April 27, 9am-1pm at University of Massachusetts, Boston

Format: Open forum - bring your ideas, learn from your peers!  ITIG and NELIG Co-Chairs will lead discussions on the technology and pedagogy of online education and how librarians get involved.  This meeting is a great opportunity for library technologists and library instructors to come together and share ideas.  There will be no formal speakers.  Attendees are welcome to bring handouts, show web pages, prepare a 5 minute talk, or just speak off the cuff.

Agenda and Minutes:

9:00-9:20 – Refreshments, thanks to UMass Boston
There were around 27 attendees total

9:20-9:30 – Introductions
Tim Spindler, Frances Schlesinger, Laura Hanlan and Angie Locknar introduced themselves and presented logistics for the day.

9:30-10:30 – Open Forum: WebCT, Wimba, and Wikis, oh my!  Focus on technology, lead by ITIG

  • Mary Adams and Kari Mofford talked about what they’re doing at UMass Dartmouth – Camtasia tutorials as tools to get comfortable with mechanics of searching, video “Library secrets revealed”

  • Christine Drew (WPI) demonstrated Wimba
    Wimba tip:  first time you use it have a tech person sitting next to you to trouble shoot.  They can see the “student view” and let you know what’s happening.


Regular Video
Camtasia -
Jing Project -
Captivate - 

Online Instruction
Wimba -
Elluminate  -
Skype -
Dim Dim -
Vroom – from Elluminate:
Google Presentations  

Blackboard -
WebCT – owned by Blackboard now?
Angel -
Moodle -
Sakai -

10:30-10:45 – Break

10:45-noon – Open Forum: Effective Library Instruction Techniques for Online Education, lead by NELIG

Attendees were asked to join people they didn’t know and discuss the following: 

  • What types of courses or subjects are you involved with for online education?  (History, English, Business, etc.) 

  • What level/type of students are you teaching?  Professionals, undergraduates, etc.

  • What challenges or opportunities do these students bring to the experience?

  • Do you teach this same course “live”?  How did you adapt a traditional course into an online course?   Differences?  Similarities?

  • How much time are you investing into your online education program?  Does supporting online education require more time than support for a class on campus?

  • Did you collaborate with anyone on your online course?  IT?  Faculty?  Other departments?   If yes, what was your experience with the collaboration?

  • If you haven’t been involved with online education, what interests you in this topic? Is it something you’re pursuing?

Discussion was then opened up to the room.  Topics ranged from using Blackboard to manage a libraries’ web page to Libguides to “spoon feeding” or teaching students.

Noon -1pm – NELIG and ITIG Business Meetings OR adjourn to lunch with colleagues.


Angie Locknar
NELIG Co-Chair, 2008/2009


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