Poster Session

2:30 to 3:15 pm


Empowering Partnerships: Building Diversity and Inclusion in Digital Scholarship Projects

Jennifer Snow, Yale University & Marisol Ramos, University of Connecticut

The experiences of immigrant students on college campuses may lead to feelings of exclusion or invisibility. How can academic librarians use digital scholarship programs to foster an environment of inclusion and give underrepresented students a voice?

Tags: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Outreach, Scholarly Communication, Teaching and Learning, Technology


Can I use a LifeLine? hands-Offs and High Fives Between the Library and Instructional Design Teams

Lance Eaton, Esther Brandon, & Laura Hibbler, Brandeis University

Librarians and instructional designers are the peanut butter and jelly combo (apologies to those with nut or allergies or gluten sensitivities) that every institution should more actively pair together. This poster explores some of the great ways such a collaboration has yielded results at Brandeis University and can help attendees consider how they might partner up with the instructional designers on their campus.

Tags: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Outreach, Professional/staff development, Teaching and Learning, Technology


Analysis and Visualization for a Regional Shared Serials and Journals Program

Matthew Revitt, University of Maine

This session will explore how EAST furthered its goal of protecting scholarly material by collaboratively agreeing to retain 11,000 print back files of serial and journal titles and ensure that this material remains accessible for years to come.

Tags: Access Services, Assessment, Collections, Data Services, Technical Services


Building Escape Rooms Your Students Won't Want to Leave

Cary Gouldin, Mark Armstrong, & Jillian Amaral, Wheaton College

Make your outreach to the campus community more fun and engaging by creating your own Escape Room. This poster will explore how a team of interdepartmental library staff worked together to design escape rooms that feature archival and library resources, college history and traditions, and collaborative problem solving.

Tags: Archives and Special Collections, Outreach, Teaching and Learning


Assessing Flipped Classrooms Through Reflective Journals: Librarian-Faculty Collaboration Improving Student Information Literacy

Daniel Neal, Margaret H. Bean, & Juval V. Racelis, Wentworth Institute of Technology

The collaboration between instructional librarians and faculty allowed for a truly flipped classroom, including journal entries for metacognitive analysis, better information literacy instruction through close partnership with faculty, and experimentation of pedagogical models.

Tags: Assessment, Professional/Staff Development, Teaching and Learning, Technology


TruthQuest! An Information Literacy Adventure

Karin Heffernan, Shana Chartier, & Joshua Becker, Southern New Hampshire University

Necessity is often the mother of invention. Facing our largest incoming class ever, instruction librarians seized the opportunity to transform our first-year information literacy experience. This poster will explore the creation, implementation and assessment of TruthQuest!, a self-guided tool that facilitates individualized, self-paced learning in an engaging format. This experience aligns with existing curriculum in the first-year writing program, while allowing faculty flexibility in the timing of information literacy instruction.

Tags: Outreach, Teaching and Learning, Technology

Opening Doors Through Collaboration: Understanding the Incarceration of Japanese Americans

Kathy Blessing & Rosemary Prisco, Community College of Rhode Island

This poster shows how two departments, the Library and English, work together to help students complete a research essay, and to deepen their appreciation of the process and content of the project.

Tags: Outreach, Reference, Teaching and Learning, Technology


Casting the Scene for "What's Your Story?": How to Produce a Storytelling Event in the Library Through a Partnership with the Theater Department

Robyn Reed, Geil Golderman, & Courtney Seymour, Union College

This poster will offer creative ideas about opening collaborative doors to new partnerships and opening the library’s doors to more inclusive audiences.

Tags: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Outreach, Teaching and Learning


Opening the Door Across the Floor: A Holistic Approach to Library and Writing Center Instruction for Upper-Level Courses

Alicia Vaandering & Lindsay LaChapelle, Salve Regina University

This poster presents the experiences of a librarian and a writing center program specialist in seeking to overcome problems of redundancy, inconsistency, and insufficiency in instruction sessions by integrating library and writing center instruction in an upper-level Education course. It outlines the evolution of a co-teaching model and the impact of this collaboration on individual workloads, student and faculty perceptions of both library and writing center instruction and services, and new opportunities to work with additional courses, topics, colleagues, and projects.

Tags: Teaching and Learning


Enhancing Interprofessional Collaboration and Communication with Art

Amy Moore & Dina McKelvy, Maine Medical Center

This poster will provide an overview of Art & Medicine, offering attendees a chance to learn about the program and how it may be implemented at their institutions or organizations. Attendees will gain a better understanding of Art & Medicine’s learning objectives with details on the themes and activities offered in each session.

Tags: Outreach, Teaching and Learning



Implementing an Instruction Exchange Program for Teaching Librarians: Fostering Community, Professional Development, and Collaboration

Regina Pagani & Lindley Homol, Northeastern University

Are you interested in learning from how others teach, but (outside of conferences) can’t seem to find the time? Visit our poster to learn about one department’s sustainable way to keep learning, all year long, in order to become better educators.

 Tags: Professional/Staff Development, Teaching and Learning


Interlibrary Loan and Licensing: Working Together to Create a 21st Century Approach to E-Book Lending

Erika McNeil & Stan Huzarewicz, University of Connecticut

Monograph collections are increasingly being built around e-books, creating a conundrum for interlibrary loan librarians who feel uncomfortable providing them under current licenses or who have trouble imagining how the process could work. Opening doors with our licensing librarian has allowed us to lend whole e-books with multiple publishers, improving our relationships with other libraries.

Tags: Access Services, Collections, Technical Services

Opening Doors to Research Success: Research Data Management Programming and Outreach

Jennifer Chaput & Renee Walsh, University of Connecticut

The success of research data management programs at university libraries relies principally upon outreach and collaboration. Our poster outlines the variety of programming that can be offered to increase your visibility and impact on campus.

Tags: Data Services, Outreach

Collaborative Roving Reference: Solving “Citation Frustration” One Student at a Time

Laura Wilson & Jennifer L.A., College of the Holy Cross

This poster will feature images of successful Citation Frustration Stations, as well as examples of planning documents that viewers could model to create their own similar roving reference event.

Tags: Outreach, Reference

Collaboration Across Campus: Social Justice Pop-Up Libraries

Liz Settoducato & Ari Gofman, Tufts University

This poster presents a low-cost, high-impact pop up library initiative focused on diversity and inclusion that enabled visitors to check out materials and engage with library staff outside of a library setting. Attendees will leave the poster session with a digital toolkit they can use as a basis for pop up libraries at their home institutions.

Tags: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Outreach

When Departments Unite : How Two Staff Members with Overlapping Job Duties Started a Journey from "My Duties" to "Our Duties"

O'Neika Hinnant & Linh Nguyen, Old Dominion University

The consolidation process is not easy. We will discuss how we handled the dissolution of duties and the benefits of being an open-minded active listener.

Tags: Professional/Staff Development


The Library is for Everyone: Cultivating Campus Partnerships to Enhance Library Accessibility

Eugenia Opuda, Jenna Riley, Kristin Dhabolt, & Benjamin Peck, University of New Hampshire

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee Accessibility Team at the University of New Hampshire will share strategies and methods for establishing campus partnerships to enhance library space accessibility and increase the visibility of the library’s accessibility webpage. Attendees will gain ideas about fostering outreach to campus partners, methods to assess their own physical library spaces, and strategies to collect formal and informal data about library accessibility.

Tags: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Outreach


When Is a Game Not "Just" a Game?: Introducing Climate Change and Information Fluency in a First-Year Engineering Course

Catherine Wong & Cynthia Carlson, Merrimack College

This poster describes a faculty-librarian collaboration created to introduce the complexity and interdisciplinarity of modern engineering problems and information fluency skills to first-year engineering students (Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical) while they participated in a role-playing exercise (Reacting To The Past) recreating the UN Climate Talks of Copenhagen in 2009.

Tags: Assessment, Outreach, Teaching And Learning

Opening Doors for All: Collaborations at Syracuse University Libraries in support of Open Access and Accessibility

Amanda Page & Kate Deibel, Syracuse University

This poster describes purposeful, interdepartmental collaborations between librarians at Syracuse University, a large research university with Carnegie status with multiple stakeholders, and the various methods used to strategically create more supportive infrastructures and outreach services around open access, scholarly communications, and accessibility.

Tags: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Outreach, Scholarly Communication, Technology

Librarian-Student Collaboration: Developing an Internship Program for Communication Arts Students

Hedda Monaghan, Framingham State University

This poster describes the development of a library internship program for Communication Arts students. The important takeaway from this poster is thinking of students not just as interns, but as collaborators by recognizing their preexisting skills.

Tags: Teaching and Learning, Technology

Husky ReView: An Augmented Reality Intervention

Brooke Foti Gemmell, University of Connecticut Library

The Husky ReView team is building an AR (augmented reality) app that is designed to unearth and make more visible certain forgotten aspects of, and events from, the recent past of the University of Connecticut campus. In particular, our AR intervention draws from material in the UConn Archives and Special Collections which concern student activism in response to issues such as race and white supremacy, and the Vietnam War.

Tags: Archives and Special Collections, Scholarly Communication, Teaching and Learning