Research Data Management Special Interest Group

The Research Data Management Special Interest Group (RDMSIG) was founded in 2018. It sponsors community events that focus on collaboration, communication, and camaraderie around trends in data management.



    • Support communities of both practicing research data management professionals and professionals with an interest in research data management (a “Community of Practice” and a “Community of Interest”). This is accomplished by providing time to discuss current topics, trends, and issues with peers, and through education on a variety of topics, including good data management practices, current funder standards, and tools to streamline data manipulation or analysis.
    • Support our communities by being responsive to the evolving needs of data management professionals.
    • Organize two to three professional development events each year with a focus on education and information sharing.
    • Work collaboratively with other SIGs towards shared goals and initiatives.


The interest group will consist of ACRL NEC members and regional colleagues who have expressed interest in data management and related topics. The Chair (or co-chairs), communications officer, and secretary will be elected each spring from the membership. Two elected co-chairs will serve staggered, two-year terms. Leadership can serve consecutive terms.


Thea Atwood, Co-chair

Patricia Condon, Co-chair

Jess O’Toole, Communications

Melanie Radik, Secretary