Past Candidate Statements

Not sure how to begin writing your candidate statement for ACRL/NEC elected office? Below are past candidate statements from some of the Chapter's current Board members.

Erin Jerome, President

I have been an active member of ACRL-NEC since I joined the University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries in May 2016. I’ve worked closely with the chapter’s Open Access Repository (OAR) group to help establish a repository for the annual conference, ultimately becoming a member of OAR after the repository’s launch. I am currently the co-Chair of the Scholarly Communication Interest Group (SCIG) and am also part of the chapter’s Strategic Planning Committee. It is my experience as a member of the latter group that made me want to run for Vice President of the chapter.

Executive Boards for organizations like ACRL-NEC are often rather mysterious to the rest of its members and I would like to change that! If elected, I would strive to make the board’s processes as transparent as possible. As such, I would focus on standardizing the onboarding process of new SIG/committee chairs and volunteers. Community building is very important to me and I love the serendipity that volunteer groups such as ACRL-NEC provides us, giving us opportunities to interact with colleagues who we might not otherwise overlap with professionally. It is my goal to make this chapter welcoming to all and to make their experiences as volunteers and members as rewarding as possible.

Jamie Hammond, Vice President

I have wanted to run for ACRL-NEC VP/President-Elect for a long time! After serving as a member and then chair of ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries Committee, and co-convener of the ACRL Student Retention Discussion Group, I found myself wanting to become more involved with ACRL on the local level. I have been a library director at NVCC for nearly 10 years, during which time my library was chosen for the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries award. Prior to being director, I was a reference and instruction librarian. I have served in many leadership roles in the Connecticut Library Association and in our local consortium. I think that the pandemic has caused many people to think more locally about their impact and for that reason, among others, I believe that this is going to be a particularly exciting time for ACRL-NEC. I think that my experiences in leadership roles at differing levels combined with working directly with students give me a uniquely broad perspective on the role of academic libraries and the chapter’s impact on the profession. I look forward to engaging meaningfully with the membership and helping continue all the good work that ACRL New England has done.

Susanna Cowan, Secretary

I have worked in higher education in administrative, instructional, and other capacities since 1993. I bring to my current work of library assessment years of experience in academic libraries, scholarship, teaching, administration. My understanding of the critical role my current assessment work plays draws on all of this experience. Utilized by strong leadership and empowered by vision, assessment has the potential to shape the stories that make (or break) libraries within our institutions.

Professional organizations are a critical piece of the work we do in our own libraries. Through these organizations, we cultivate great relationships with colleagues who often share our aspirations, even if they work in libraries significantly different from our own. This diversity of experience--and the broad diversity of our professional colleagues--makes investing in these organizations critical.

I'd love to be a part of this work to bring us together around community and great ideas that enrich us and help us support each other in our work. Now more than ever!

Megan Bresnahan, Treasurer

I am running for the position of Treasurer-Elect for the ACRL New England Chapter. I will work to be an excellent steward of the chapter’s resources and to continue to improve its financial stability. I’ve served on regional and national committees, and these collaborative roles have helped me develop detail-oriented approaches to my service work and strong communication skills. I have experience managing budgets for both grants and library collections, which are directly applicable to this position.

In my role as a science librarian and faculty member at the University of New Hampshire, I frequently work with data, and this experience translates into solid skills for budget management, including proficiency in spreadsheets. In addition, I have worked in fiscally-constrained public universities for many years, which will inform my creative, budget-minded solutions to my work as Treasurer. As someone who was a first-generation college student, my lived experience helps me approach situations with financial empathy, and this lens informs my thinking about access to networks, professional associations, and professional development opportunities. I hope that you will consider me for this important position.

Lia Horton, Maine State Representative

I find myself in the unusual position of being a librarian with two New England affiliations: I live in Maine and work for a New Hampshire college. I have served on the Maine Library Association Executive Board as the Academic Interest Group co-chair, I have served on multiple state and regional library conference planning committees, and I try to attend national academic library conferences and events as much as possible. I also serve on the Libraries Committee of the New Hampshire College & University Council (NHCUC). I am accustomed to working remotely with groups.

I have been at Granite State College since October 2019, so I am still learning a lot about New Hampshire and I am motivated to get even more familiar with the academic library landscape in New England. In this position, I am a library staff of one, so my interests are broad, from information literacy and andragogy to access services and educational technology. I would be happy to contribute to ACRL NEC if my qualifications seem a good fit.

Pamela Dolin, Connecticut State Representative

I am the Head of Reference and Instruction at the United States Coast Guard Academy. I am passionate about Academic Libraries and the work of ACRL NEC. I have always been involved as a member and am looking forward to the opportunity to serve as the Ct State Rep. I have served as Chair of the Connecticut Information Literacy Conference three times. I have served on the Connecticut Digital Library Advisory Board for two terms, serving the second term as Chair. While I was at Becker College, I participated in ACRL's Assessment in Action. These positions allowed me to engage with other Librarians in the state and all over New England. My diverse experience in all areas of Librarianship as well as my enthusiasm for collaboration would be a good fit for ACRL NEC. Being part of a diverse Community of Practice enables us to grow professionally. I look forward to continuing this growth and working with colleagues all over New England to support the Strategic Plan; improving communication and transparency and exploring ways to support our members. I am honored to be considered as Connecticut State Rep.

Alice Pearman, New Hampshire State Representative

Early in my professional career, I was involved with other ALA-affiliated associations, particularly ALCTS, where I was awarded a Presidential Citation for my service in 2014. As much as I enjoyed my work there, I didn't realize there was an association that might be a better fit until I attended the ACRL-NE conference in Plymouth, MA in 2018. I was astounded to discover an organization where I had so much in common with my colleagues. Eureka! I thought. ACRL-NE should be my professional home.

During the past academic year, I worked with the New Hampshire College & University Council (NHCUC) Libraries Committee: EBSCO Negotiations Subcommittee. Attending both the committee and subcommittee meetings helped me gain an understanding of the priorities and challenges for academic libraries in New Hampshire. I hope to bring that knowledge to the ACRL-NE Chapter Board. Thank you for your consideration.